General Physics/Algebra Lab

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Labs Due Thursday of Week they are done. 

Note to Dr. T: 2017-18 schedule was messed due to snow and late school start.

Google Doc Lab Template
Week Laboratory
1 No Lab
2 Lab 1a: American Genius: Space Race
Lab1: Linear Momentum
3 No Lab, MLK Day (So, no Circular Motion type lab done)
4 Go over Exam 1
Lab 2:
Space Lab with Movie
5 Lab 3a: American Genius: Colt vs. Wesson
Lab 3: Torque/Rotational Equilibrium
6 Lab 4: Nonconstant Torque Spreadsheet
7 Lab 5: Young's Modulus
8 (Lab 6: Temperature and Heat)
Lab 7: Simple Harmonic Motion
(Lab 8: Sound Lab)
10 (Dead Week) Lab Final

Lab Groups