General Physics Lab

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Phys 201 Lab Report Template

Note: Print Out Lab #1a BEFORE Lab Class, we'll fill it

Week Laboratory
1 No Lab 1st week, print out Motional POGIL for lab next week.
2 Youtube: Powers of 10 (9 min)
Lab #1a: Motion POGIL
Lab #2: Intro to Data and Lab Pro
3 Lab #1b: Motion POGIL
Youtube: Frames of Reference Movie (28 minutes)
Lab #3: Frames of Reference, Velocity, and Acceleration
4 Go over Exam #1
Lab #4:
Mechanical Universe video on Vectors
Motion Detector "Pre-Lab"
5 Lab #5:
American Genius: Wright Brothers vs. Curtiss
2D Motion (Simulated Data if Spark Table doesn't work)
6 Lab #6:
Go over Exam #2
Resumes and Job Search
7 Lab #7: Spreadsheets
8 Lab #8: U. S. Energy Policy Lab
Energy Spreadsheet
Thanksgiving - No Lab
10 (Dead Week) Lab #9: Work and Energy - Bow & Arrow Principle
Lab Final

Before your first lab, you will need...

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