Math 112
4 credits.

Professor:  Dr. Tovar Contact Information

Quick Overview:

  • Course Text is Precalculus, 2nd ed. by Narahimhan, xyz textbooks.
  • Course Begins with .
  • Course Covers
  • Course Covers Narasimhan, ch. 5 to 8.
Official Syllabus
Check Withdraw/Drop Dates (Do NOT stop coming to class without dropping or withdrawing)
Class Schedule and Assigned Homework (click link or scroll down)

How to Succeed in PreCalculus:
  • Make sure you have the prerequisites for the course, in this case Math 095 or a suitable score on the placement test.
  • Go to Class, Take Notes, and Review Them OFTEN (Required)
  • Make a Calendar Schedule (Like This).  Pencil in all of your classes including College Algebra.  Write in an ADDITIONAL 10 hours for study.  Be sure some of the hours cover the time when you can...
    • Visit the Learning Center so you can get some FREE face-to-face help from a paid tutor (Loso 234) (Cool!)
    • Do your Homework.  Try to do some of the homework BEFORE you read the section.
    • Read your Textbook.  Probably you won't be able to do all of the homework assignment before reading the book, but you will know what to pay special attention to.
    • Meet with a Study Group.  Sometimes the explanations that make the most sense to you are the ones that come from your fellow students.  Likewise, you will cement your understanding of the material when you explain it to someone else.
  • Read How to Study Math by Paul Dawkins (Cool!)
  • Read a College Algebra Online Textbook with examples! (scroll down) (Cool!)
  • Use an online formula "Cheat Sheet" (Cool!)
  • Watch any part of an entire College Algebra Course in VIDEO! (Cool!)

Dance the Charleston! (Sine Dance)
Transformations of sin(x)

All web information relating to this course is subject to change.

Note: Exams and Quizzes are Closed Book, 1 Page of Notes, Open Non-graphing Calculator


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