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Eastern's president Phil Creighton addresses the Math Modeling participants at a reception held in their honor.  COMAP Math Modeling Contest at Eastern Oregon University. 

Congratulations to the four student groups that competed in this year's competition!

A team of Eastern Oregon University's undergraduate mathematicians placed in the top 20 percent of the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) International math-modeling contest in early February. 
Eastern Seniors Tim Sorey, Brad Fritz and Todd Rogers entered their solution for the contest's problem "C" and earned the "Meritorious" award. 

This problem, according to a Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) press release, is "An all-new interdisciplinary modeling problem."

Brad Fritz, Tim Sorey, Todd Rogers and Jennifer Woodworth Brad Fritz, Tim Sorey, Todd Rogers and team mentor, Jennifer Woodworth

Of the 478 teams that entered the contest, only 60 of them chose problem "C". and only 11 earned Meritorious or higher. Of those 11, only four of the teams were from the United States. 
Team mentor, John Thurber, with Tim O'Conner, Kacee Giger and Archie Crozier. Three other Eastern teams entered the COMAP contest as well: Tim O'Conner, Kacee Giger and Archie Crozier won Honorable Mention for their solution to the problem "B"; and Kristina Hauge, Swanee Herrmann, Sarah Triplett, Trevor Beal, Roland Hildebrant and Frisco Rose won "Successful Participant" for their teams' submission for problem "A," a modeling problem based on last summer's blockbuster Deep Impact.

Swannee Herrmann, Sarah Triplett, Kristina Hauge with team mentor and COMAP organizer David Allen.

Trevor Beal with team mentor Anthony Tovar, and Frisco Rose.

Additionally, all of Eastern's teams finished the problem they were working on. Although these statistics were not released for this year's contest, last year 30 percent of the teams did not complete their problem on time.

For purposes of comparison, here are the results from other participating Oregon teams: two teams from Lewis & Clark College in Portland finished the contest: one Meritorious and one Successful Participant. 

One team from Southern Oregon University finished the contest and gained Honorable Mention. Some of the other schools that entered the competition were Duke, UC-Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon. 

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