How to Graduate
A Quick Guide to Self-Advising

So, you know how to add and drop classes - you can use like a pro.  What classes do you need to take in order to actually graduate?  The answers are here!

Note: The EOU catalog is the ultimate and final source of information about graduation requirements.  All other information (not given by the registrar) is essentially provided as a service, and may contain errors.  The EOU catalog is available online at  The catalog is printed every 2 years, and there are some changes that occur in that time, so updates are often kept at the registrar's web page, but you should consult your adviser about changes that might be relevant to your program.  If the catalog changes in a way that makes it harder for you to graduate, you can graduate under an "old catalog" (but it can't be older than when you became admitted) with the previous requirements.

Here are some of the requirements you need to know about:

Discipline Requirements (Majors/Minors/Certificates)
Download and Print your Major's Checksheet.  Take all required courses. contains checksheets and 4-year plans for all Arts and Sciences Programs contains checksheets for other disciplines.

General Education Requirements (GEC)
Our flavor of General Education is called the "GEC" for Gen. Ed. Core.
GEC courses listed here.
Download and Print a GEC Checksheet (Google Doc)Take all required courses.

University Writing Requirement (UWR)
Make sure you take
    a fresman level writing class,
    1 lower division UWR designated class, and
    2 upper division UWR designated classes
If you are following a regular major, they will already have the UWR classes identified that you must take.  So, basically you don't have to worry about UWR classes, just make sure you take a freshman level writing course.

Diversity Requirement (DPD)
Take 5 credits of a DPD designated courses. (registrar's list of DPD courses)

Foreign Language Deficiency (DFL)
If you did not take a foreign language in high school (or homeschool), then you have a "Deficiency in Foreign Language" and you will need to take 2 quarters of a foreign language.  The university will put an adviser hold on your webster account so that you can't register until you speak to your advisor if you are DFL.
If you are DFL, take 2 quarters of a foreign language.

Math Competency Requirement
Regardless of how well you did on your SAT, you must take a math or stats class (that has math 095 or higher as a pre-requisite).

Other Requirements
The above requirements will get you started, but to graduate you need to be aware of all of the misc. requirements (e.g. gpa requirements, residency requirement, upper-division requirements, capstone requirements) :

Watch Out!
If you follow all of the catlog requirements, you can still go astray.  How?  Not all classes are offered every year.  This is not uncommon for upper-division classes, but applies to some lower-division classes as well.  Hopefully, there will be an online resource to show these things, but until then only your advisor will know!

No Really, Watch Out!
You absolutely need to talk to your advisor IMMEDIATELY if you fall under one of these categories...
When in any sort of doubt, see your advisor.